A simple website framework
Last updated: 2021-02-21

This home page is an expedient online feature test of the website engine that I am developing. I will try to include a description of what is featured, but the actual topics on this site will be found in the drop down index menu that is created from the headings on my other pages. There is also a sub heading menu (H2) that is for the sub headings found on this page and may link to sequel pages.

By default this will be the "Angelica" theme, which is responsive to your display, reformatting itself for hand-held, notepad, or desk-top. There may be other themes available from the Theme menu, but more about those later. Simply clicking the theme icon itself (rather than selecting from the menu) will toggle between dark and light mode.

Above is a page banner test: An image with text at the top and at the bottom. In this case I introduce an extra box (with dotted red border) to test a method for constraining said text placement. The text at the bottom, tests a macro that gets the (upload) file date of the page. There is also a gravatar link to my personal contact details and I don't see I would have any reason to hide them.

test a left image with under legend

caption under

and here some text to wrap next to it

test a left image with top left legend

float image left

Positioning an image on the left with this text wrapping round it. The class attributes given to the ap_leftimg macro controls the placement and presentation of the caption text inside it as well as the background color which shows through the transparent parts of the image itself.

float image right

Then the same thing for an image on the right, followed by a full width image with green background

multi-line centered

test on_load activators

One is cross origin and so it appears in a new top level window ina accordance with cross origin policy, the other is a local page that I can pop up in an iframe. I experiment with using my avatar straight from Youtube (assuming they haven't banned me for some imaginary transgression.

These links are automatically entered into the H2 menu. I could just disable their display here, by setting display:none (or applying class ap_hide).

Test image macros

Video macros with mp4 file

Video macros with Youtube videos

Video macros with Bitchute cropped to portrait

Gallery macros

caption and container

TODO: add onclick handler to the actual h2 when they are displayed