A simple website framework
Last updated: 2021-01-17

Navigating this Site

This is my home page. It is just like a "time-line" on most social media platforms: Basically posts in reverse chronological order. There is a drop down menu of posts on this page from the H2 drop down menu.

Besides this home page there can be any number of other topics. On selectining a different topic from the drop down Index menu, it may be updated to reflect the pages relevant to the chosen topic.

Proprietary Web Engine

Note: This is currently still an experimental proto-typing site. I have previously used it for other things. For instance, it has been a mirror of another site of mine and also for a while I used it to talk about ongoing crime in my area. I explored the Wordpress website engine with a photography blog, but that was just too complicated and needed ongoing updates, and I had a number of innovated ideas I wanted to try out. Thus this is now using my very own web engine.

Note: I recently had security issues and so here are some pertinent parameters that I need to keep an eye on.

Site history

Having been the target of assiduous hate campaigns on social media resulting in them suspending my accounts. I have over the years endured injustices that should not be silenced, so I decided to explore website technology and write about whatever I wanted on my own site, using a free hosting service.

Unexpectedly my site was hit with false flagging and got taken down too. We get what we pay for, I thought. Since I was paying nothing, that's what I was now getting. I then acquired hosting services from ipages. Alas, that too was flagged and suspended within hours.

Perplexed, I questioned the actions with both hosting companies. I pointed out that the alleged "hate speech" was not coming from me. It was screen-shots and evidence of the abuse and hatred that I myself was being subjected to. Some of it was evidence of impersonations and I explained I could not be held responsible for what imposters were posting: Those were not my words, but the creations of cowardly underhand trolls of unknown identity. I did explain that my main purpose was to explore web technology it was just something to write about other than pages of Ipsum Lorem. Both companies did look at my evidence and both reenabled my site and apologized. However, hostinger explained they couldn't justify dealing with ongoing hostile attacks for a free service and I thought that was a better excuse than the othert company who had terminated it (and refunded my payment) unilaterally without even discussing it with me.

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