The 911 False Flag

Last updated: 2020-06-27

This page is prelude to some things of public concern. Things I think are worth talking about, but right now I'm making it to demonstrate how to use my web-site framework should you want to create your very own, independent Speaker's Corner in cyber space.

On my TODO list is to add my own take about the conspiracy aspects on each presentation, but for the moment my main concern is the time it takes to load a page like this that embeds lots of videos. So what I'm experimenting with here is my implementation of load-on-demand and how to display references like these.

The page doesn't look quite as interesting as when it has a full video frame, but people rarely want to actually watch them all. In practice they just want your TL;DR synopsis and the option to follow it up when it interests them.

FDNY press release about their 9/11 investigation

Click the thumbnail to pop up a document about the New York Fire Department's research.

Zionist -911 Iraq war

Jfk to 911 everything is a rich man's trick

Survivor of Dresden war-crime

We are at war.... Declare israel an enemy of the west.. The time is now

The fate of europe! [Unless we act]

Pulled over on roxham road

Lawfare: tommy robinson talks about his latest court cases

Rockefeller & Nazis

immigration - world poverty