Changes log

2020-06-09 next step is multiple themes

The user can already choose between dark theme and light theme, although I haven't added GUI for that yet. I toyed with the idea of multiple color palettes... but that's really just a gimmick. I already decided to define coordinating colors in php and then use those to create a dark and a light theme that can be combined harmoniously on the same page if one wants. It can also be used in image generation but I don't want the current user's choice to affect the images that are generated for others to see.

What I am after is different look and feel for the whole site, while running the very same page definitions. It's well beyond a bit of css, so I'm gunna swap the framework, but try to still use the same pages, menus and optimized images.

2020-06-05 index icon changes to close

An intuitive way to close the detail window is now that the index icon changes to a close icon while a details window is open. The menu still drops down in case you simply want to switch page, but clicking on the close icon itself will now simply shut the details window. Also I've put the structure in place to fit the root menu in alternative languages as well translations for legends on navigation icons. I've got rid of the 'ap' all purpose template language and simply specify the default template language in the config file, that has gone back to be "config.php" as it doesn't belong in the secure include file path and can safely be run on it's own.

2020-06-05 image gallery attribute

The gallery container can now specify row_count to indicate how many picture to put on a row and also row_height, to give the target row height when justifying,

2020-06-03 image gallery with justified rows

I've just finished adding the image gallery row alignment, which needed to is done by a bit of javascript after the images have all loaded and also after a window resize.


restructured the files so that plugin modules can specify bits at the beginning, in the navigation and at the end of the html that is produced without editing the main module.


restructured the files so that the main include scripts can be placed outside the http path, thus making them more secure and avoiding clutter in the root folder.


got the comment counters working for Disqus forums even when it's running on a mirror site. also removed Dissenter interface as it doesn't tie in with the dissents posted using their plugin.


added sample "contact us" drop down as an installable plugin, but for me it's more for developing handling drop downs when the display is too small for them. I also still need to add a more obvious way of closing aside windows (other than clicking the link or navigation icon again).


added multi-lingual capability