Cancel Culture

since the subject was raised of "culture"

A deranged cyber troll, seething with malice

The troll I mention here has been on an obsessive personal crucade of vindictive malice against me for about 12 years now. She has perpetrated doxxing, slander, physical assault, incited targeted harassment and abused authorities with unknown motive, but the history and personal details will be more appropriate for a separate chapter.

Warrior Culture

In the wake of the Covid19 "pandemic" the Labour government has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to advancing Maōri specific issues. Billions are being added to the national debt while a crippled economy had no way pay for it, so what exactly do our virtue signaling leftist elites think they are achieving by inculcating our once proud Maōri people with a pathetic special needs victim narrative? Regardless Covid19, watching this video, the harm they do is blatantly obvious to me... it's counter productive. Treat them the same as everyone else I say!

Locked Up Warriors

An Open Discussion

I had watched these videos a while back on Youtube. It's about genuine archaeological research into the pacific peoples. One of the salient issues is the work having being dismissed and censored, purely because it doesn't fit the current PC narrative that is in vogue today to foster racial grievances and tensions in New Zealand.