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stolen camera serial number database from Angelica Perduta on Vimeo.


Cameras and lenses as well as smart phones and tablets are highly portable high value items, favored by thieves and burglars. This database aims to identify items that have been recorded as stolen.

buying second hand equipment

Simply type in the serial number of the item offered and click find. Note that if some of the digits of the number are illegible you can use the underscore _ to signal a single unknown digit or the % to mean any number of unknown digits, but only the first 5 matches will be displayed when there are many matches.

victim of theft

Serial numbers are often recorded on the bill of sale and it is advisable to keep a record of the identifiers for your valuable items. If they are lost or stolen you can enter them in the second half of this form.

No personal details are necessary, just a police crime record number. The make and model are incase different brands happen to use the same serial numbers.