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Test image macros

Video macros with mp4 file

Video macros with Youtube videos

Video macros with Bitchute cropped to portrait

Gallery macros

caption and container

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Bitchute Video tests

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Last updated: 2021-02-21

Bitchute video

Bitchute left embed

The issue with Bitchute is that all the videos have 16 to 9 landcape aspect ratio and so I added a crop parameter to the vid macros allowing them to be cropped. The amount depends independently on what aspect ratio the original had. I haven't implemented letter box crop (yet).
Here is a full with portrait crop:

Bitchute embed
Bitchute right embed

The source code for this page

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Bewary of allowing people to upload to teh server as they might upload a malicious php script and then use my engine to execute that as were it a page.

Here I deliberately changed the class of ap_details to give black on white with fixed pitch font, although intentional scripts loaded in the iframe should be able to override that.