perversion of Justice

The tweet police, the brexit politicians and the persecution of Tommy Robinson for daring to protest Pakiscum child-grooming-rape-gangs is becoming a world wide embarrassment to the crown in England.

New Zealand farce of Justice

… but are we here in New Zealand faring any better?

It’s a well publicized fact that many of our leading politicians trained in the UK, so let us now take a look at holding corrupt legal professionals accountable here in New Zealand:

A corrupt lawyer

To: Disputes Tribunal
Christchurch District Court

Case: CIV-2019-009-001502
Ms. F. A. Perduta vs Fogarty of Cameron & Co Lawyers Ltd.

Date: 2019-07-12

by email:

Dear Disputes Tribunal,

Thank you for your notice of a jurisdiction hearing for Monday 26th August 2019.
After reading through the Disputes Tribunal Act 1988, I am unable to see any cogent reason to question the jurisdiction of a Disputes Tribunal on my case.

I must presume you simply need some extra information, but without being given a single clue of what that might be, I cannot second guess it. You will need to provide the following details:

  • Who instigated this jurisdiction hearing
  • On what grounds was that done.

Note also, that I am not willing to accept your assertion that the fees I have paid in good faith would be forfeit in the event you should declare the case outside your jurisdiction. IMHO, you should have considered this before telling me I had made a successful application for a hearing and before accepting my payment.

Furthermore, note as follows:

I have only ever received from the respondent refusals to explain, or to communicate. The respondent, on the other hand, has received plenty of material about my complaint against them. So what I need from them is:

  • Itemised list of 3rd party communications about me or my case, identifying who sent them and when, such as the biased Otago Determination on my complaint against Simon Stammer-Smith of Cruickshank-Pryde.
  • An indication of what excuses they are now concocting for their “defense”.

Under the circumstances it is unreasonable to demand I anticipate anything they might have to say. In absence of the above I see no need to provide any further information to the respondent and reserve the right to submit additional evidence that I may decide could be relevant during the actual hearing itself, if and when that goes ahead.

Note: After outrageous legal chicanery and collusion perpetrated in the course of my case against my siblings from which the current case arises, I question the intent behind your jurisdiction hearing. Evasion of responsibility is of public interest and so I will be wearing an action camera to record the proceedings.


Ms F. A. Perduta

Just a dodgy lawyer abusing the system is hardly in the same league as Tommy Robinsons persecution, but this case is just a tiny piece in an extensive web of collusion that goes all the way to the Wellington High Court.

High Court Collusion

Dear “office of Hon Andrew Little MP, Minister of Justice, Minister for Courts, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Minister Responsible for the NZSIS, Minister Responsible for the GCSB and Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry“,

It is now 7 weeks since your bot acknowledged my e-mail, in which I requested an inquiry into judicial malfeasance. In particular it was in regard to collusion and double standards from senior registrar John Earles of the Wellington High Court and consequent profiteering and perversion of justice that ensued.

From your title it does sound a little like you may well have too many responsibilities, but if so, then you should delegate. I find it deplorable that no effort is in evidence for investigation of this disgrace!

Additionally, the Law Society’s Legal Complaints Service as well as the Legal Complaints Review Office of the Ministry of justice have flagrantly whitewashed profiteering, corruption and collusion on my case. They leave victims vulnerable to abuse with no recourse to justice. I am documenting my experience of our dysfunctional justice system on a public website. I haven’t addressed the worst of it yet, but something must be done rather than ignoring us and fobbing us off with pretentious and lame excuses.

I wish to remind you and your comrades in the Labour party that as the legislative branch of government, our elected representatives have a duty to ensure executive and judicial powers are acting in the interests of our democracy and not degenerating into an Orwellian totalitarian regime.

Kindly let me know if and when your “office” plans to address the issue of judicial malfeasance and regulate against profiteering lawyers.


Ms. F. A. Perduta

I’m documenting the whole thing from evidence I have gleaned, on the site linked. On these pages here however I will be publishing the evolving process as I hold them to account.