NZ gun control

Police serve to fight crime and so I question why they are tasked with issuing gun licenses. We don’t expect them to be involved in issuing driving licenses even though they deal with driving offenses.

The Chch mosque shooting precipitated a government gun buy back, but the police have always been able to revoke gun licenses and confiscate weapons from people that they don’t trust. IDK anything about this particular case that was mentioned on GAB, but I just want to make some observations.

gun confiscation didn’t need a change in law

“concerns about mental health” is far too open to interpretation. Anyone with a grudge can spread rumors and make allegations, but without a professional assessment it should have no standing. The point I want to make here is that character assessment should have been done before any fire arms license was issued.

The point about weapons not being adequately secured could be a concern, as we don’t want them falling into the hands of criminals, but shouldn’t he just get a warning, or a fine for that?

In any case there is little evidence of legal gun ownership by New Zealand citizens being a problem, and subsequent to a change in regulations, I think one chould at least allow the owners to export their weapons to somewhere they are still legal.

Fighting Crime

The original intent of this domain was to fight the rising tide of crime in our area and the original pages were not created in WordPress. They are found here:

Alas, our local MP, Ruth Dyson, is an utterly useless virtue signalling yes-sayer who will do nothing of any consequence.:

“Ruth was involved in numerous women’s organisations, environmental groups and social movements during the early 1970s.”

“She held a number of positions within the Party, including Women’s Representative, Executive Member, Senior Vice President, before becoming the Party’s President in 1988.”

I need to find some other way because the police are not taking non violent crimes seriously despite the devastating consequence it can have on our lives.

Meanwhile social media like Facebook trade without restraint in stolen property and there is nothing to help people identify if they have been reported as stolen. The “Snap” data base is a joke and it’s not clear where and by whom, if ever, serial numbers will be checked for stolen property.