Petition to Simon Bridges (National)

Thank you for your e-mail “tax, tax and more tax” earlier today. You say National supports greening the vehicle fleet through incentives, not penalties. You say your polices saw the number of electric vehicles on our roads increase hugely.

Well … I don’t support “greening the vehicle fleet”, because New Zealand simply doesn’t have a problem with vehicle emissions.

Electric vehicles might well suit urban commuters, but they are not fit for our economy that is based on agriculture, while commuters need incentives to leave the car at home rather than congesting city centers at rush hour.

Incentives are just like taxes, because ultimately our country has to pay for them one way or the other, so I think electric vehicles should pay road usage charges just like the diesel vehicles.

We need a government with the courage to defend our economy against international competition from countries who really don’t care about green issues, especially because “climate emergency” is a myth, CO2 is essential to life on Earth and the free market will regulate more effectively than an army of bureaucrats.

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