Migration Compact

Christchurch walkabout. People living on the street

Just watching Cross the Rubicon and he is far from the only one expressing resentment against our two faced politicians and their sycophants.

I would love to see a NZ politician that has the courage of his or her conviction to come out of the closet and commit to allegedly “unpopular” policies like telling the UN to get fuct.

Now when it comes to migrants, I do understand that some industries need unskilled seasonal workers and sure we can bring them in, but I think we should do so on our own terms. Amend the UN “migration compact” to be our national migration policy and a number of things are needed like a medical certificate so we know they aren’t bringing in contagious diseases and not pregnant planning to sponge off “maternity leave”… and a character reference/security check so we know they won’t be coming here for acts of terror or to incite violence… and well let’s write our own “Migration Compact”…

I find it quite incredible that none of the geniuses at the UN know that compact is an adjective and not a noun and they evidently don’t know what it means… unless they mean the “new vibrant dense urban communities” they plan to be packing us serf-class grunts into.

Have you renewed your pod membership this week, or sleeping rough tonight?

Site Ranking

Not expecting to even register, I checked this site’s ranking with small seo tools. I was not surprised to see a ranking of zero and no specific country, but I was surprised to see a “reach” of over 10 million. Ngaro.online only get a few site visits a day and most of those are web crawlers.

Maybe I misunderstood what it means, or maybe it’s an indication of cyber attacks by bots and/or haters. So here are some more results that I don’t know what they mean. 😏

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