Pedantic Shithole

I walked with my dog to Eastgate shopping mall this morning and she was the epitome of obedience. She waited patiently without whining or barking outside and she was so happy when I returned.

Walking home a typical New Zealander started telling me how I should have my dog on a lead. I explained that she does what I say and so she doesn’t need one. I said I was taking her to the beach for a good run next.. The New Zealand retard started lecturing me how the council demanded people pickup their dog shit on the beach and that some lady “over there” had a sign up telling dog owners to clear up their dog shit.

I showed him the roll of plastic bags I carry for canine fecal disposal… (gee thanks PM Jacinda for banning the free bags we got from the stores… you worthless communist cunt).

While I’m talking to the Kiwi retard, Lucy scampers off into a child play area. There is nobody there except for a mother who is pushing a small child on a swing. Her dog is sitting nicely next to them.

Well, the retard informs me that the playground is a “no dogs allowed” zone… so I call Lucy.. alas she doesn’t come because some other Kiwi cunt had left food on the climbing frame. Lucy is intent on getting it and I was quite impressed with her climbing skills, but decided I better go get her.

The lady said “Oh don’t worry she’s no bother to us” and I replied “I better get her or I’ll be in trouble”, gesturing towards the New Zealand pedantic gitt, who I now noticed was wearing some kind of official badge… either a council worker or a certified retard. (is there a difference?)

Well Lucy did come as I called again and I walked away quickly while the “council worker cum retard” started lecturing the poor lady with her toddler and perfectly behaved dog.

Reflecting on the people I’ve met in New Zealand I think a PRC style “social credit” system would be perfect for them as they bitch and snitch at each other and I decided CBA to waste my efforts on fucking pathetic little New Zealand and it’s petty politics. I think I might vote Labour or Green party as I just hope they suffer under a draconian socialist regime of their own making. 😁

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