Pedantic Shithole

I walked with my dog to Eastgate shopping mall this morning and she was the epitome of obedience. She waited patiently without whining or barking outside and she was so happy when I returned.

Walking home a typical New Zealander started telling me how I should have my dog on a lead. I explained that she does what I say and so she doesn’t need one. I said I was taking her to the beach for a good run next.. The New Zealand retard started lecturing me how the council demanded people pickup their dog shit on the beach and that some lady “over there” had a sign up telling dog owners to clear up their dog shit.

I showed him the roll of plastic bags I carry for canine fecal disposal… (gee thanks PM Jacinda for banning the free bags we got from the stores… you worthless communist cunt).

While I’m talking to the Kiwi retard, Lucy scampers off into a child play area. There is nobody there except for a mother who is pushing a small child on a swing. Her dog is sitting nicely next to them.

Well, the retard informs me that the playground is a “no dogs allowed” zone… so I call Lucy.. alas she doesn’t come because some other Kiwi cunt had left food on the climbing frame. Lucy is intent on getting it and I was quite impressed with her climbing skills, but decided I better go get her.

The lady said “Oh don’t worry she’s no bother to us” and I replied “I better get her or I’ll be in trouble”, gesturing towards the New Zealand pedantic gitt, who I now noticed was wearing some kind of official badge… either a council worker or a certified retard. (is there a difference?)

Well Lucy did come as I called again and I walked away quickly while the “council worker cum retard” started lecturing the poor lady with her toddler and perfectly behaved dog.

Reflecting on the people I’ve met in New Zealand I think a PRC style “social credit” system would be perfect for them as they bitch and snitch at each other and I decided CBA to waste my efforts on fucking pathetic little New Zealand and it’s petty politics. I think I might vote Labour or Green party as I just hope they suffer under a draconian socialist regime of their own making. 😁

the Hydrogen hype

The latest government brain wave is hydrogen. Ministry of business, innovation & employment ARUP, published a paper full of happy talk, but lamentably little evidence of understanding.


The link between CO2 and global warming is far from established fact and the predictions are not born out by actual data (see graph), but let’s just assume it was as they say.

Burning hydrogen may well not produce CO2, but instead it produces a lot of water vapor. We all know that a clear sky means a cold winter night and the reality is that water vapour contributes most of the green house effect to our atmosphere. Thus for instance, burning hydrogen as a jet propellant will make things worse, rather than better.

Hydrogen is much more difficult to manage as a fuel, as it needs extreme pressure to contain any significant amount and it’s more difficult to distribute and use than just filling the tank with petrol or even LPG.

brown and grey hydrogen

Hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels by high temperature steam reformation. In that case the carbon component gets wasted and we end up producing just as much CO2 as we would have done by burning the fossil fuel in the first place as well as significant overhead the reformation process as well as it’s byproducts such as residual methane (a far more potent green house gas than CO2).

Rather than venting CO2 to the atmosphere it can be dissolved in water (think of fizzy carbonanted drinks) but it then leaves us with acidified water to dispose of which will exchange CO2 with the atmosphere eventually anyway.

green hydrogen

“Green” hydrogen OTOH is produced by electrolysis of water and this consumes at least 3 times as much energy than you can ever get back from using the hydrogen as a fuel. Thus at best, it acts as a very inefficient battery.

ARUP suggests using “spare electricity capacity” to produce hydrogen for export. This is the very same hypothetical spare electricity that we will be using to recharge electric vehicle batteries: It’s going to have to become a lot cheaper than our “spare capacity” (night time rate) to produce “green” hydrogen that can compete internationally in price with other fuels.

Such hypothetical “spare capacity”, is going to require a lot more investment in electricity generation from “renewable” resources and I think the government owes us a proper cost analysis so that we, the electricity users don’t end up subsidizing their virtue signaling climate propaganda stunt.

Racial Discrimination

More virtue signalling is in the paper pontificating on the involvement of Maori issues in the hydrogen economy and to be honest I’m just sick of the systemic racism in this county: Hydrogen has no racial bias. Let’s keep it that way.


It’s hard to believe, but we appear to be electing idiots to lead our country to self destruction.

Migration Compact

Christchurch walkabout. People living on the street

Just watching Cross the Rubicon and he is far from the only one expressing resentment against our two faced politicians and their sycophants.

I would love to see a NZ politician that has the courage of his or her conviction to come out of the closet and commit to allegedly “unpopular” policies like telling the UN to get fuct.

Now when it comes to migrants, I do understand that some industries need unskilled seasonal workers and sure we can bring them in, but I think we should do so on our own terms. Amend the UN “migration compact” to be our national migration policy and a number of things are needed like a medical certificate so we know they aren’t bringing in contagious diseases and not pregnant planning to sponge off “maternity leave”… and a character reference/security check so we know they won’t be coming here for acts of terror or to incite violence… and well let’s write our own “Migration Compact”…

I find it quite incredible that none of the geniuses at the UN know that compact is an adjective and not a noun and they evidently don’t know what it means… unless they mean the “new vibrant dense urban communities” they plan to be packing us serf-class grunts into.

Have you renewed your pod membership this week, or sleeping rough tonight?

Site Ranking

Not expecting to even register, I checked this site’s ranking with small seo tools. I was not surprised to see a ranking of zero and no specific country, but I was surprised to see a “reach” of over 10 million. only get a few site visits a day and most of those are web crawlers.

Maybe I misunderstood what it means, or maybe it’s an indication of cyber attacks by bots and/or haters. So here are some more results that I don’t know what they mean. 😏

Small SEO Tools Website PR Test Tool smallseotols.com1.4

Petition to Simon Bridges (National)

Thank you for your e-mail “tax, tax and more tax” earlier today. You say National supports greening the vehicle fleet through incentives, not penalties. You say your polices saw the number of electric vehicles on our roads increase hugely.

Well … I don’t support “greening the vehicle fleet”, because New Zealand simply doesn’t have a problem with vehicle emissions.

Electric vehicles might well suit urban commuters, but they are not fit for our economy that is based on agriculture, while commuters need incentives to leave the car at home rather than congesting city centers at rush hour.

Incentives are just like taxes, because ultimately our country has to pay for them one way or the other, so I think electric vehicles should pay road usage charges just like the diesel vehicles.

We need a government with the courage to defend our economy against international competition from countries who really don’t care about green issues, especially because “climate emergency” is a myth, CO2 is essential to life on Earth and the free market will regulate more effectively than an army of bureaucrats.

NZ needs a constitution

Having experienced first hand the outrageous abuse of power by judiciary and legal profession, as well as from local authorities who are not answerable to the law even, I believe we need a written constitution to safeguard citizens rights against abuse from a creeping totalitarian Marxist NWO.

Sir Geoffrey Winston Russell Palmer, a South Islander has mooted this idea and wrote books on it:

A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand (2016)

Towards Democratic Renewal: Ideas for Constitutional Change in New Zealand (2018).

The important thing for New Zealand with our fast changing bi-cultural demographic is that we need one law that guarantees equal rights for all citizens.

Clean Car “consultation”

The government claim we need to prioritise transport emissions reductions. We can make submissions to the Ministry of Transport here:

Here are some of the replies I gave to their consultation:

What incenses me is the sheer stupidity of these “experts”. They went blundering into Paris agreement and have been chomping at the bit to declare a climate emergency ever since.

Don’t they understand how very little the whole of humanity can possibly do to affect global climate, even if we were all acting in unison? Don’t they know that rival countries are going to continue doing 100s of times more damage than New Zealand ever could? All we will achieve is handing our productive industries to them and bankrupting our own economy in the process.

They make so many dumb assumptions, but once we have whole fleets of EV’s charging overnight, cheap rate electricity prices will disappear. One way or the other our country is going to have to pay for the roads for all the vehicles that use them. All of their cunningly calculated economies will disappear faster than they can regulate.
We may even have to build more coal power stations to meet increased demand which completely defeats the whole purpose.

Their consultation was totally based on the assumption that we, the people, agree about the need to reduce carbon footprint artificially, but I for one don’t. I think, let fossil fuels run their natural course while we as an independent nation focus on preparing for the future with a sustainable and skilled population. To retain our own culture and sovereignty and above all, free from all the crap raining down from the UN dictators.

I may come back and add some more writing and would be happy to engage intelligent discussion.