Hegemony of NZ bureaucrats

Local area authorities are completely out of control in New Zealand. They are bypassing democratic government and imposing UN policies without any accountability. Placing themselves above the law unelected pen pushers are on a lucrative power trip.

Having heard of the tragic conclusion to the Penny Bright case vs Auckland City Council, the question is how do we fight this sinister take over?

Abused by Marlborough District Council

I shall look at a case of my own, as I’m not dead yet and I think I was more outrageously abused than Penny was:

How is it that local council can:

  • block me from building on my section
  • block me from selling it
  • take me to court then drop the case
  • charge me whatever rates they like
  • with compounding penalties for 7 years
  • then sue me and I have to pay and pay all their legal costs too
  • and they are protected by statute of limitations.

As I could get not one single “legal expert” to give me advice or represent me, well and truly pissed off, I wrote my own defense. An ass hole Judge, named Neaves, at Christchurch District Court declared my defense “outside his jurisdiction”, so he ruled in the council’s favor then, apparently a Judge named “John Smith” ruled in a high court hearing (that I wasn’t even told would be taking place), I would have to pay all the legal costs and mean while O was still stuck blocked from selling my property

Forced to spend over third of my budget on local, qualified, professional, and approved expert reports and designs, MDC wouldn’t approve any plans on my simple two bedroom batch. I had no building there that I could live in, and that MDC provided absolutely no services what-so-fucking-ever as far as I was concerned the section did simply not qualify for residential rates and the courts aren’t even trying to do justice.


As expected David Williams Barrister & Solicitor ignored my e-mail asking for an explanation why he had done absolutely nothing so recently I proceeded to file a complaint against him. Malcolm Ellis of the law society phoned me to explain that Mr. Williams was unwell and no longer practicing. So the following e-mail concluded my case against yet another useless lawyer, but the wider issue of faceless unelected bureaucrats ensconced in local authorities doing whatever they feel like with accountability to nobody, is far from over.

to be continued