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I added a WordPress installation to some of my sites and these have the advantage of producing an RSS feed. This is a substitute for using social media where I am excluded or censored due to mobs of haters.

My Brighteon

  • bitninja server securitybitninja server security
    Is legitimate online anonymization threatened by ill conceived security against malevolent bots? Read more »


  • Epstein’s weird painting fetishEpstein’s weird painting fetish
    Bill Clinton in a blue dress adorning Epsteins mansion wall. but doesn’t he look better in red? What a bunch… Read more »
  • The NWO gods
    Syrian girl has a talent for explaining logic that seems to ellude all the main stream media. Epstein was just… Read more »
  • BBC correct speak
    Suspected carjacker – the latest euphemism from the left for kidnapper and car thief who took 3 children as hostages.… Read more »

Ngaro (neighborhood)

  • Site RankingSite Ranking
    Not expecting to even register, I checked this site’s ranking with small seo tools. I was not surprised to see… Read more »
  • Act – 29 July 2019Act – 29 July 2019 Read more »
  • Virtue Signaling ArdernVirtue Signaling Ardern
    Recently banned by Trademe! Read more »

Angelica (photography)

  • Rawtherapee ProfilesRawtherapee Profiles
    Upgrading from v5.4 to v5.6 I discovered that it no longer comes with all the bundled profiles, but luckily I… Read more »
  • Salvaging Disqus commentsSalvaging Disqus comments
    I’ve had my photo blogs deleted off Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and shadow banned on Google+ so I’m rather wary… Read more »
  • Image Processing