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I added a WordPress installation to some of my sites and these have the advantage of producing an RSS feed. This is a substitute for using social media where I am excluded or censored due to mobs of haters.

My Brighteon

  • bitninja server securitybitninja server security
    Is legitimate online anonymization threatened by ill conceived security against malevolent bots? Read more »


  • Malevolent Abuse of Process
    Tommy Robinson, back in court AGAIN?! Such cowardly abuse targeting an individual is a disgrace to the United Kingdom. Any… Read more »
  • Speak Up For WomenSpeak Up For Women
    Under the heading “I think we need to talk about Massey…again” I received the following mail shot from Free speech… Read more »
  • One DriveOne Drive
    Seriously Microsoft, I didn’t ask for a One Drive and I’m glad I didn’t rely on it as a kind… Read more »

Ngaro (neighborhood)

  • ratesetterratesetter
    Being persecuted on Twitter and Facebook does prevent me from sharing affiliate links and nobody is going to see them… Read more »
  • Pedantic ShitholePedantic Shithole
    I walked with my dog to Eastgate shopping mall this morning and she was the epitome of obedience. She waited… Read more »
  • the Hydrogen hypethe Hydrogen hype
    The latest government brain wave is hydrogen. Ministry of business, innovation & employment ARUP, published a paper full of happy… Read more »

Angelica (photography)

  • Translucence and TextureTranslucence and Texture
    It’s wet and the sunlight is shining through it onto the wooden table. A bit of wet sea weed The… Read more »
  • Aqua GreenAqua Green
    Back before Disqus shut down the “picture this” forum along with all the others they were hosting, a person identified… Read more »
  • Wild flowersWild flowers
    This is the antique Pentax lens that had been infected with fungus. Once that was cleared, the quality of the… Read more »