Perduta Plugin

Was declared too amateurish for approval by WordPress.. and OK I understand what they say. However I wanna go on to do other stuff. So here is what U can do with it as it is. (I’ve enabled it in the comments).

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  1. U can also embed vertical videos for platforms that support them:

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  2. The plugin is here. It is in plain text so U can check for yourself I not trying to hack you.
    I do hope to get round to making it WordPress standards compliant… but my next phase will be to add an opinion poll facility.
    Should U need help… just ask and I will see what I can do.

  3. meh full vertical video

    Hello fans.
    My vertical videos plugin can be inserted at whatever width you choose. This one is 60% of my display width.

    If it doesn’t fit on your screen try holding you phone in vertical position or resizing the window

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