Howler Moderation Policy

Nothing on my server may violate the terms of my hosting provider. Thus content that either is, or encourages the following, will be deleted on detection.

Say for instance you want to give instructions for martial arts. That may involve violence, but you are not inciting perpetration. You are merely advising for self defence, or sport between consenting adults and so it will be allowed.

In a similar way there are exemptions from copyright under "fair use". Furthermore, you can publish information about yourself, or anyone else with their consent. (e.g. The telephone directory does not constitute doxxing).

For allegations you can produce evidence. Evidence is not slander because as mature adults we can each form our own opinion and express our interpretation. When I was young I was taught Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

To comply with terms of service, I will have to prohibit some content. There will be a button to flag things and they will immediately be hidden pending review. If the review does not find fault it will be reinstated. Then it cannot be flagged again, unless it is subsequently edited.

To maximise freedom on speech here it is envisaged to eventually integrate content from elsewhere. There the laws and rules may differ, but as The Howler acts merely to direct your client browser to where content for display can be fetched, it is not my problem and I too might not be able to see the content if it is blocked in my country.

Instead it will be up to you, said client, to control what you do, and what you don't, want to see. For this purpose I here provide checkboxes (tick = OK to show). Thus you can set your preferences as a cookie in your browser.

  1. porn
  2. violence
  3. racist, or sexist bigotry
  4. religion and politics
  5. potentially offensive
  6. spam & advertizing
  7. cyber skulduggery

Other "howls" may be fine on my site even if you personally don't like them.

Under construction

More categories may be needed, but the categorization, flagging and filtering are still on my TODO list.