Login & Account Management

Last updated: 2021-04-14

Currently Howler uses your Gravatar image and also gets your default name from there. Click the link to set one up if you want it.

credentials to login.

Account Access

Your account is identified by your e-mail address. It's use is protected by a password. Howler does not store either of these anywhere. Instead, it records a one way encrypted version of each.

When you join, the password field here is ignored. Instead, Howler generates a new random password. It sends that to the e-mail address you have just entered (before encrypting and recording these). If you forget your password, or if the e-mail does not arrive, or if you typed in the wrong e-mail address, or even if someone should somehow hack your account, you can simply join again and it will send you a new encrypted password. (It does not ever reset any existing account for that e-mail address).

The e-mailed new password will be pending until you next log in. If instead, the previous password is then used, the pending one will be cancelled and the account stays with it's previous password. To ensure you can always recover an account in this way, it is bound to that e-mail address. Should you lose access to that e-mail address, then consider starting a new account, because there will be no way to transfer the old one.